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Rotajet Tunnel Washing Machines


Rotajet manufacture a tunnel washing machines, the machines are used for washing and degreasing high volumes of components on a continuous basis. The tunnel washer can be manufactured as single stage washed or multistage washing machines. 

Rotajet Tunnel Washing Machines


 Rotajet Tray Washer Front View Rotajet Tray Washer Trays Being Washed Rotajet Tray Washer Sprays Front View 
 Rotajet Tray Washer Sprays Rotajet Tray Washer Plate Rotajet Tray Washer Green Trays


The Rotajet Tunnel Washing machines that we manufacture and are ideal solution, high volume washing and degreasing of metal and plastics components.  The Tunnel washing machines can be manufactured to accommodate most components and can be fitted with either chain conveyor or overhead tracks which are used to transfer the components through the cleaning process. For standard degreasing operations the machines are fitted with wash and rinse sections, for surface treatment applications we can fit additional fresh water rinses and drying sections.

    Rotajet Tunnel Washing Machine Sketch

Each of our Tunnel Washing Machines follow a operation process, that consists of following stages:

  • Pre wash
  • Main wash
  • Rinsing
  • Passivation
  • Drying

Our machines are used by:

  • Automotive industry 
  • Military defense industry 
  • Food industry 
  • In all manufacturing industry for mass production and maintanance purpose
  • Metal furniture industry