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Leading Manufacturer of Degreasing Machinery and Equipment

Remanufacture of components cleaning, degreasing and paint stripping


Rotajet spray washers and degreasing machinery, parts washers and ultrasonic cleaning machines are throughout the remanufacturing industry for cleaning, washing, degreasing and paint stripping of parts and components prior remanufacture


Rotajet industrial spray washing and ultrasonic cleaning is used throughout the remanufacturing industry for cleaning, degreasing and paint stripping parts.

Rotajet spray washing machines and parts washing machines are typically used to initial cleaning of components prior to stripping down into sub components. The Rotajet spray washing will remove surface contamination, oil, grease and some paint systems. For the initial clean a single stage spray washing machine is normally used. After initial cleaning the components are stripped down into parts, these parts are then cleaned again and inspected and repaired.

For small parts requiring fine cleaning Rotajet recommend ultrasonic cleaning either as a single stage system ultrasonic cleaning tank or a multistage ultrasonic cleaning system depending on the requirement.

Foe paint stripping applications Rotajet can manufacture multistage spray washing machines or Rotajet dunk washers. Both systems can be used with alkaline paint strippers.