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Power generation components cleaning, degreasing and carbon removal


Rotajet spray washers and degreasing machines, parts washers and dunk washing are used for cleaning, degreasing and carbon removal of power generation components

Power generation components parts washing and degreasing

Rotajet spray washers, parts washing machines and dunk washers are used for washing, degreasing and carbon removal from power generation components, prior to maintenance and servicing. Typically the components are washed as a full assembly prior to stripping down in a Rotajet two stage spray washing machine using an alkaline degreasing powder in to wash and a corrosion inhibitor in the rinse. Once stripped, any ferrous component requiring carbon removal is washed in a Rotajet dunker using Rotajet 2-240 a strong alkaline cleaner. For carbon removal from aluminium components 1-512 carbon remove is used, this is a non-alkaline cleaning detergent developed by Rotajet and used in Rotajet dunking and degreasing machines.

Rotajet spray washing and degreasing machines will accommodate any power generation component and are typically used as two stage wash and rinse machines