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Maintenance and Repair component cleaning and degreasing


Rotajet spray washers and degreasing machines, parts washers and ultrasonic cleaners are used throughout industry for a variety of maintenance and repairing activities

Maintenance and Repair

Rotajet spray washing machines and ultrasonic cleaning machines are used throughout industry for cleaning and degreasing components prior to maintenance and repair. Below is a brief outline of the Rotajet cleaning machines used in these applications.

Rotajet Spray Washing Batch machine

Rotajet spray washer and parts washer are used for degreasing, debris removal, paint removal and surface contamination removal of metal and plastic components prior to repair.

Rotajet Dunkers

Rotajet dunkers are generally used for removal of paint / carbon deposits from components to allow the maintenance and repairing to begin. The machines are fitted with a heated tank and a pneumatic dunking platform on which the components are placed. The Rotajet dunk washers are generally used for extended cycle times.

Rotajet bench top ultrasonic cleaners and large industrial ultrasonic tanks

Rotajet bench top ultrasonic cleaners are generally used for fine cleaning smaller components prior to maintenance and repair; the components are loaded into the work basket and placed into the bench top ultrasonic cleaner. Larger components can be cleaned in a Rotajet industrial ultrasonic tank.