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Landing Gear cleaning and degreasing


Rotajet spray washers, parts washers are used for cleaning and degreasing prior to servicing, maintenance and crack detection in MRO`s facilities.

Aircraft Landing Gear

Rotajet spray washers and parts washing machines are used for washing and degreasing aircraft landing gear prior to maintenance and servicing. Typically the landing gear is washed as a full assembly prior to stripping down in a Rotajet two stage spray washing machine using a aircraft approved cleaning chemical. Once stripped all the components are tested and repaired. Any component that requires crack detection is cleaned in a Rotajet three stage spray washing machine fitted with initial wash using a heated approved, detergent, rinse using heated towns water and finally rinsed using deionised rinse water. The components are then dried prior to crack detection.

The Rotajet spray washer is fully automated and cycles, temperatures, conductivities, pH can be data logged for traceability.

Rotajet manufacture a range of spray washing equipment that will accommodate most landing gears, from larger aircraft Rotajet manufacture custom built machines.