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General manufacturing


Rotajet spray washers, parts washers and ultrasonic cleaners are used throughout industry for a variety of applications, from cleaning small pins to degreasing and washing a large marines engine prior to overhaul.

General Industry cleaning and degreasing

Rotajet spray washing machines and ultrasonic machines are used throughout general industry all over the world for newly manufactured components and cleaning components prior to maintenance or remanufacture. Below is a brief outline of the Rotajet cleaning machines used in these applications.

Rotajet Spray Washing Batch machine

These machines are used for low volume components, larger components, or components that require extended cycle times. The Rotajet spray washers can be manufactured as a single stage wash or multi-stage depending on the application. The standard Rotajet spray machines will accommodate components from 600mm square to 2800mm square. If your components are larger we can manufacture custom built machines.

Rotajet Dunk washers

Rotajet dunkers are generally used for removal of paint / carbon deposits from castings. The machines are fitted with a heated tank and a pneumatic dunking platform on which the components are placed. The Rotajet dunk washers are generally used for extended cycle times.

Rotajet Tunnel washers

Rotajet tunnel washing machines are generally used for cleaning high volume components. The tunnel washers can be found throughout industry cleaning plastic tote boxes, washing and degreasing automotive tubes, degreasing small castings, washing and sanitizing plastic trays used in the food industry and many more. The machines are manufactured as single stage washers, and multi-stage wash, rinse and dry.

Rotajet barrel bashing machines

Rotajet barrel bashing machines are used for washing and degreasing small components, the machine used a Rotating Achimedes drum in which the components and tumbled through the barrel, as the components are moved through the barrel, high volume heated cleaning solution is sprayed onto the components at high pressure. The Rotajet barrel washing machines can be manufactured as single stage or multi-stage component washing machines.


Rotajet bench top ultrasonic cleaners

Rotajet bench top ultrasonic cleaners are generally used for fine cleaning smaller components; the components are loaded into the work basket and placed into the bench top ultrasonic cleaner. This type of cleaner is used for a variety of different applications from cleaning dental implements prior to sanitation to carbon removal from diesel injector pumps.

Rotajet Industrial ultrasonic tanks

Rotajet Industrial ultrasonic tanks are used when the components are too large or heavy to fit into a bench top cleaner. The industrial ultrasonic cleaning tanks can be fitted with loading platforms to load heavy components. The standard range Rotajet industrial ultrasonic tank can be manufactured to 2000mm x 3000mm x 2000mm, above this size Rotajet would have to custom build a tank.


Rotajet multistage ultrasonic cleaning systems

Rotajet multistage ultrasonic cleaning systems are generally used for cleaning components in new manufacture, the systems can be supplied with fully automated basket transfer or simple manually basket transfers. The systems can be manufactured with water filtration and deionizers to control the cleaning media.