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Fasteners and Fittings cleaning and degreasing


Rotajet spray washers, parts washers, tunnel washers and barrel washing are used for degreasing and washing fasteners and fittings prior to plating or corrosion protection.

Fasteners and Fittings cleaning and degreasing

Rotajet spray washing machines, continuous tunnel washers and barrel washing machines are used for washing and degreasing fasteners and fittings in typically in high volumes. When manufactured these components are coated with cutting fluids, forming lubricants etc…To apply a protection or cosmetic coating these lubricants have to be removed, typically either a Rotajet tunnel washing machine or Rotajet barrel washing machine is located after the forming machine, this machine is used to remove the lubricants prior to the coating of conversion coatings or plating.

The Rotajet  washing and degreasing used are normally itted with a wash section, rinse section and a drying section, the wash media is typically a alkaline detergent operating at 65-70oC, the rinse section is dosed with 4-200, a Rotajet developed short term corrosion inhibitor, this allows the components to be stored prior to additional surface coatings being applied. The corrosion inhibitor is designed not to interfere with any additional surface coatings.

For companies producing smaller run, specialized fasteners and fittings, typically a batch Rotajet spray washing machine is used, this machine is again fitted with wash, rinse and dry sections.

The standard range of Rotajet spray washing and parts washing machines will accommodate 99% of fasteners and fittings, if your components are outside our standard machine range; we can bespoke manufacture spray washing and parts washers to meet your requirements.