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Engine reconditioning cleaning and washing equipment


Rotajet spray washers machines, parts washers and ultrasonic cleaning systems are used for cleaning and washing engine components prior to reconditioning

Engine reconditioning

Rotajet spray washing machines and ultrasonic cleaning systems are used for degreasing and cleaning engine components prior to inspection and remanufacture. Engines are typically washed and degreased prior to stripping, for car and commercial vehicle engines this is typically done in either a Rotajet D40 parts washer or a Rotajet D60 parts washer. The initial clean removes grease, oil and road dirt and make the unit cleaner and easier to strip down. The stripped engine components are then washed again in a Rotajet spray washing machine using a non-alkaline detergent. For carbon removal from diesel engines Rotajet recommend that a caustic solution is used in a Rotajet dunk washing machine, for aluminium heads Rotajet recommends cleaning and carbon removal in a Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning tank using a non alkaline detergent.

The standard range of Rotajet spray washing machines will accommodate passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle engines. For larger engines, Rotajet manufacture larger spray washing and degreasing machines, bespoke to the engine cleaning application required

For washing aluminium and ferrous engine components, Rotajet recommend 1-512 detergent powder.

For washing and carbon removal ferrous engine components, Rotajet recommend 2-240 alkaline carbon remover.

For carbon removal from aluminium Rotajet recommend 1-550