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Drive train component washing and degreasing


Rotajet spray washers and parts washers are used for washing and degreasing drivetrain components prior to inspection and remanufacture

Drivetrain components

Rotajet spray washing machines are used for degreasing the various drivetrain sub components prior to remanufacturing. The CV joints and steering rack are usually coated in heavy grease these are cleaned in a Rotajet D series front loading parts washer, the steering racks are normally located in jigs to allow the cleaning solution to flush through them. Once cleaned the components are inspected. The Rotajet spray washing machines users a neutral based degreasing solution. The machine uses heated detergent, this ensures the heat from the washing solution is transferred into the components being cleaned and they flash dry.

The Rotajet D series of spray washing machines will accommodate most CV joints and steering racks. For units that are larger than the standard D series, Rotajet can manufacture extended height and extended width machines

The Rotajet front loading spray washers and top loading spray washers are normally operated at 65-70oC and use 2-3% of Rotajet 1-410 neutral based spray washing detergent