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Brake cleaning and degreasing


Rotajet spray washers and parts washers are used for cleaning Brakes prior to remanufacture.

Rotajet spray washing and top loading parts washers are used for washing brakes prior to remanufacturing. Brakes operate in a dirty, often wet, aggressive environments; they are typically heavily contaminated with road dirt, grease, and oil and carbon deposits. Before the remanufacture the whole assembly is typically washed in a single stage Rotajet spray washing machine, this will remove 99% of the surface contamination prior to stripping down. Once cleaned the assembly is fully stripped down and inspected, the sub components which can be reused are typically cleaned again, and the casings shot blasted and repainted. The components are then reassembled along with new components and sold as a remanufactured brake.

The Rotajet D series of spray washing machines will accommodate brakes, from cars, vans, small passenger vehicles. Rotajet also manufacture degreasing and parts washers for remanufacture and servicing of air brakes

The Rotajet front loading spray washers and top loading spray washers are normally operated at 65-70oC and use 2-3% of Rotajet 1-512 non alkaline spray washing detergent. The 1-512 not only degreases the components, but also contains a short term corrosion inhibitor. If long term corrosion protection is required we recommend the components are washed in Rotajet 4-200 at 2%.