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Bogie washing, degreasing and carbon removal


Rotajet industrial spray washers and degreasing machines are used for cleaning, degreasing and carbon removal from bogies and associated parts

Rotajet industrial spray washing equipment is used in the rail industry for washing and carbon removal from bogies and associated parts

Rotajet D series front loading spray washers are used for washing bogies motors which are contaminated with oil, track dirt, mud, grease and carbon deposit.

Rotajet industrial spray washers will wash in a cycle time of 15 minutes. The standard D108 Rotajet industrial washing machine will accommodate 1 bogie. The machine is typically a two stage wash and rinse machine, using a heated water based detergent @ 65-70oC. After the washing cycle the extraction fan is engaged which ensure any steam is removed from the washing cabinet and also speeds up the flash drying process.  If high volumes of bogies require washing Rotajet can manufacture a tunnel washing machine, the cleaning solutions used are continuously filtered and screened for debris.