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Automotive cleaning and washing applications


Rotajet spray washers, parts washers and ultrasonic cleaning machines are throughout the automotive industry for the manufacture of new components, remanufacture of components and maintenance activities.

Rotajet spray washing and ultrasonic cleaning is used throughout the automotive industry for processing new, remanufactured and repaired components.

New manufacture:-

Rotajet top loading spray washers, these machines are typically used for cleaning smaller components in machining cells, the machine are used for the removal of light oils, machining oils etc…

Rotajet front loading spray washing machines, these machines are used for cleaning engine blocks, drain train, gearboxes etc…The Rotajet D series of spray washing machine can be fitted with the “Flushmaster” option, this allows components with that require internal cleaning such as engine blocks, hydraulic components, pipes and tubes  to be flushed internally and cleaning externally. The flushing media can be filtered down to 1 micron.

Rotajet Tunnel washers, these machines are used for processing high volumes of components; the machines can be manufactured as single stage washing or multistage washing for degreasing, rinsing and drying. Rotajet tunnel washers are manufacture for small components up to larger machines for cleaning gearbox casings, large engine blocks etc…

Rotajet barrel washing machine, these manufactures are used for washing high volume parts, such as screws, nuts, bolts etc…

Rotajet Ultrasonic cleaners, typically used for cleaning newly manufacture electrical components, machined parts etc…The Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning system used for processing new manufactured components are typically fully automated multistage ultrasonic cleaning systems.


Rotajet spray washing, parts washers and ultrasonic cleaners are used throughout the automotive remanufacturing industry for the removal of oils, greases, paint, carbon deposits, road dirt etc…Which have built up over time as the components have been in service. To inspect and repair the components, these surface contaminates have to been removed.

Rotajet spray washing machines are used for removing heavy deposits from small components to large diesel engines or truck gearboxes etc…

Rotajet Dunk washing machines are used for removal of paint and burnt on carbon, the machines use a dunking action to clean and flush through components, ultrasonic cleaning can also be added to these tanks to increase the cleaning activity or speed up the process.

Rotajet Ultrasonic cleaners are used are final cleaning of components prior to reassembly or removal of light deposits, typically a Rotajet spray washer is used for heavy contamination removal prior to the ultrasonic’s being employed.


Rotajet cleaning and degreasing machinery is used prior to routine maintenance of components for removal of dirt oil and grease etc….