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Aircraft Wheel washing and cleaning


Rotajet spray washers and parts washers are used for cleaning Aircraft wheels prior to crack detection in MRO`s.

Aircraft wheels

Rotajet spray washing and degreasing machines are used for washing aircraft wheels prior to inspection and crack detection. After a given time period or number of landings aircraft wheels need to serviced and tested.  Aircraft wheels are typically heavily contaminated with brake dust, grease and oil deposits. Prior to initial inspection the wheels are washed in a two stage Rotajet spray washing machine. After washing the wheels are fully inspected and tested too assess if the wheels can go back into service.

The Rotajet D40 washing and degreasing machine will accommodate x1 wheel from smaller aircarft, for larger aircraft the Rotajet D60 degreasing machines will accommodate larger wheels

The Rotajet front loading spray washers normally operated at 65-70oC and use 2-3% of Rotajet 1-516 non alkaline spray washing detergent. The 1-516 is approved for use with aircraft components.