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Aircraft Electric Motors and Actuators


Rotajet spray washers and parts washers are used for cleaning and carbon removal of electric motors and actuators.

Rotajet spray washing and degreasing machinery is used for washing and carbon removal of electric motors and actuators. Typically these components are contaminated with carbon, grease and oil deposits. Prior to overhaul the motors are broken down into sub components, and processed in a Rotajet washing and degreasing machine. The components are then typically dried in a conventional oven or vacuum oven prior to further testing, repair and reassembly.

The Rotajet D series of spray washing machines will accommodate most electric motors and actuators.

The Rotajet front loading spray washers and top loading spray washers are normally operated at 65-70oC and use 2-3% of Rotajet 1-540 spray washing detergent. The 1-540 not only degreases the components, but also contains a carbon deposit remover. Typically a two stage wash and rinse, the rinse is used to remove any remaining residues of the 1-540.