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Rust removal and derusting chemicals used in Rotajet washing equipment


Rotajet manufacture and supply a rust removal and derusting chemicals used in cleaning and degreasing spray washing applications 

Rotajet manufacture and supply a range of rust removal and derusting chemcials .The rust removal chemicals are used in Rotajet spray washing and Rotajet dunk immersion washers for the removal of rust from ferrous metal components. Rotajet supply a traditional alkaline rust removers for use in heated tanks, these products are used for heavy duty removing and are accelerated with gluconic acid. These products can be used for stripping paint and carbon removal in one process. After the process the components will need to be rinse to remove any residual chemical prior to handling, this normally takes in a Rotajet parts washing machine

Rotajet also supply safe rust removers, these are used in immersion tanks, typically the components are degreased and paint free etc…prior to derusting. The process is normally carried out in a Rotajet Dunk immersion tank

If you have any other specific rust removing or derusting requirements, please contact us