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Rotajet rinse aids used in washing and degreasing machinery


Rotajet manufacture and supply a rinse aids used in cleaning and degreasing spray washing applications 

Rotajet manufacture and supply arrange of rinse aids .The rinse aids are used in Rotajet spray washing and Rotajet dunk immersion washers for the removal of streaking and water staining in two single stage and two stage spray washers and parts washing machines. The rinse aids or rinsing agents is a blend of surfactants and uses Marangoni stress to prevent cleaning droplets from forming, this causes the cleaning agent to drain in a uniform sheet rather than droplets and eliminates formation of spots and streaks.

The rinse aids can be added to any Rotajet parts washer, spray washer or ultrasonic cleaning machine. Rotajet washing and degreasing machines fitted with final fresh water rinse typically do not require rinse aids addition.

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