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Non Silicate degreasing chemicals used for oil removal in heat treatment applications


Rotajet manufacture and supply a range non-silicate degreasing solutions used for the removal oils used in heat treatment applications. 

Rotajet manufacture and supply a range of non-silicate cleaners and washing detergents used in the heat treatment industry. The cleaners are used in Rotajet spray washing and Rotajet dunk immersion washers for the removal of quenching oils from metal components. The products are designed silicate free to avoid any adverse effects on furnace linings from silicates. To replace the degreasing and cleaning action of the silicates Rotajet use a specific formulation of surfactants and non caustic pH builders.

The products are used in Rotajet spray washing machine and Rotajet dunk washers at 65-70oC and can be controlled with pH or conductivity. The products are supplied as powders or liquids for automatic dosing.

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