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Ink removal using Rotajet cleaning chemicals and washing machinery


Rotajet industrial spray washing equipment is used for washing of Ink contamination from mixing vessels and machinery parts.

Rotajet industrial washing equipment is used by Ink manufactures and printers for washing ink contaminated mixing equipment and machinery parts. Rotajet supply UV and conventional ink manufacturers with “turnkey” washing solutions for cleaning mixing equipment and cleaning chemicals. The majority of applications used in the ink industry, are water based detergents using, alkaline and pH neutral cleaners, the cleaners are designed for heavy ink loadings, prolonging the cycle life of the cleaner. Rotajet have developed accelerator additives that can be used in conjunction with the traditional cleaners. For further information regarding the machinery used in the Ink industry or for solvent based washing machines, please visit, this site covers Rotajet washing machinery used in this industry

For cleaning components used in the printing industry, Rotajet manufacture a range a blanket washes, and parts washing cleaning chemical, these are normally used in Rotajet spray washing equipment and parts washers.

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