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Heavy oil removal using Rotajet spray washing equipment


Rotajet spray washing machines and parts washer are used to remove heavy oils and lubricants from presse parts and deep drawn parts.

Rotajet industrial spray wash machines and parts washers are used for washing and removal of heavy oils and lubricants from pressed parts and deep drawn parts. Rotajet washing and degreasing equipment can be used for batch cleaning in a front loading spray washing machine or continuous cleaning is a Rotajet tunnel washing machine. For the removal of heavy oils containing AW and EP additives, Rotajet have developed a number of cleaning detergents. The detergents contain the surfactant blends and additives for used for the removal of the most tenacious oils. For ferrous components Rotajet also supply corrosion additives to the washing solutions of the spray washer or tunnel washing machines. The spray washers used are typically two stage wash and rinse spray wash machines, in which the rinse removes any residual traces of the cleaning chemical. The Rotajet Tunnel washers are usually supplied with wash and rinse sections in which a 10% cleaning additive is automatically added to the wash. All Rotajet cleaning chemical are supplied with test control methods.

The standard Rotajet range of spray washing equipment will accommodate the majority of pressed parts and deep drawn components. Rotajet can also manufacture bespoke parts washing and spray washing equipment for components which are outside the standard range.

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