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Grease removal using Rotajet spray washing equipment


Rotajet washing and degreasing machinery used to remove thick greases and lubricants from bearings and gears, prior to inspection and repair.

Rotajet washing and degreasing machines are used for cleaning and removal of thick greases and gears. Due to the high temperatures in which the greases are designed to operate and the addition of wear additives and extreme pressures additives, the removal of these can prove difficult when using traditional low pressure parts washers. Rotajet manufacture industrial spray washers and parts washers with high volume and high pressure pumps fitted with dedicated jetting and flushing. The dedicated jetting on a Rotajet spray washer can be custom designed for cleaning inside bearing races, removing all traces of greases and contamination. The Rotajet spray washing machine uses a heated neutral based detergent which is specially designed with a non-ionic /ionic surfactant blend, which not only removes the greases and oils, but quickly breaks that allow the grease to be skimmed from the surface of the Rotajet parts washing machine. The spray washers used are typically two stage wash and rinse machines, in which the rinse removes any residual traces of the cleaning chemical.

The standard Rotajet range of industrial spray washing equipment will accommodate the majority of bearings and gears used in industry and transit applications. Rotajet can also manufacture bespoke parts washing and spray washing equipment for components which are outside the standard range.

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