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General degreasing and oil removal from component and parts


Rotajet supply a range of general degreasing chemicals for light oil removal and parts washing in Rotajet industrial spray washers, parts washers and ultrasonic cleaning systems

Rotajet degreasing machines are used for general parts washing and degreasing throughout industry, typically for light oil removal we recommend Rotajet 1-516 or Rotajet 1-410 neutral based degreaser. Rotajet 1-516 degreaser is a multi metal cleaner and is used in single stage spray washers and parts washers, operating between 55-70oC, the product offers excellent cleaning and corrosion protection of ferrous components.

Rotajet spray washers, use Rotajet 1-410 for cleaning and degreasing plastics and composites, the product is low foam and can be used at 45-65oC depending on the application.

Rotajet 1-550, is a specially designed degreaser for use in ultrasonic bench two cleaners and ultrasonic cleaning systems, the surfactants used are chosen to work in conjunction with the cleaning cavitations caused by the ultrasonic waves, this provides the excellent degreasing and cleaning results.

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