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Carbon Removal, Decarbonising chemicals and machinery


Rotajet supply a range of carbon removal and decarbonising chemicals used in Rotajet industrial spray washing equipment, parts washer, immersion tanks and ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Rotajet supply a broad range of carbon removal chemical used in Rotajet industrial spray washing machine, Rotajet tunnel washing equipment and ultrasonic cleaning systems

For cleaning ferrous components Rotajet supplied heavily alkaline and non alkaline carbon remover, the high pH cleaner is typically used in Rotajet immersion cleaning system and ultrasonic cleaners for the decarbonising heavily encrusted carbon deposit from normally caused from combustion of hydrocarbons. Typically a the process time is from 30 minutes to 3 hours for ceramic type carbon deposits (normally caused from hot running engines or gas fired engines) After cleaning the components will have to rinsed, this normally takes placed using a Rotajet parts washers

For carbon deposits from the food and baking industry, Rotajet supply a non-alkaline cleaner used in Rotajet industrial spray washers, parts washers and ultrasonic cleaners. After decarbonising the components will have to rinse using fresh water in the food industry.

If you have any other specific carbon removal or decarbonising requirements, please contact us