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Antifoams and defoamers


Rotajet supply antifoams and defoaming chemicals used in Rotajet industrial spray washing, degreasing equipment and parts washers

Rotajet supply a range of antifoam and defoaming additives used in Rotajet industrial spray washing machine and Rotajet tunnel washing equipment.

In the surface coatings industry Rotajet washing machinery is used for cleaning vessels and containers which have contained paint inks, due to the nature of the inks and paints the washing solutions begin to foam as the paint and ink build up in the working washing solutions. Rotajet industrial spray washers are fitted with the Rotajet Antifoam System, this system doses antifoam into the working solution at high pressure using a atomising spray nozzle. The Antifoam system is programmable and can be engaged on or off during the washing cycle, this reduces the amount of antifoam used and also avoids build up within the working solution. When treating foaming in surface coatings applications, Rotajet recommend the use of Rotajet DF1316, this material is non-silicone and has been developed for use in high pH and high temperature environment.

Foaming in food based cleaning environments is normally caused when fats react with the caustic in alkaline cleaning agents, the reaction forms soaps which over a period of time start to foam in Rotajet spray washers, parts washer and tunnel washing machines. Rotajet recommend the use of DF1318 antifoam which has been developed for food environments and is food approved.

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