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Aluminium cleaner and brightener for remanufactured aluminium castings


Rotajet supply aluminium cleaning and brightening cleaners for removal of surface contaminates and brightening the surface from aluminium castings

Rotajet manufacture and supply degreasing and washing systems for cleaning and degreasing aluminium castings, typically the components are from the automotive remanufacture industry and the castings are diesel injector pumps, cylinder heads, gearbox casings etc…The components are generally degreased and wash in a Rotajet parts washer, this removes the surface road dirt, oil and, grease. The components are then stripped down into components parts and repaired or replaced. The casings if painted are stripped in a Rotajet developed Benzyl Alcohol based paint stripper in a Rotajet dunker immersion cleaner.

Once stripped the castings are then finally degreased and brightened in a Rotajet ultrasonic cleaning system