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Paint stripping chemicals used in Rotajet washing equipment


Rotajet manufacture and supply a range paint stripping solutions used for the removal of a variety of paint finish and substrates

Rotajet manufacture and supply a range of paint strippers. The paint strippers are used in Rotajet industrial spray washing and Rotajet dunk immersion washers for the removal of paints from metal components. For stripping paints from ferrous components Rotajet recommend the use of high pH alkaline paint strippers, these products can be sprayed in Rotajet spray washers, or used as immersion strippers in Rotajet dunk washers. For paint systems that require a higher activity stripper, we recommend the introduction of 2-240 accelerator, this is a benzyl alcohol and surfactant blend.

For stripping aluminium and alloys, Rotajet recommend the use of Benzyl Alcohol paint stripper used in a heated Rotajet spray washing machine or Rotajet immersion dunk washer. Depending on the nature of the paint system, these products are either accelerated using potassium hydroxide or a surfactant blend.

The products are typically controlled via. pH or titration.

If you have any other specific paint stripping requirements, please contact us