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Rotajet Washing Machines - Key to Fast Turnaround of Axle & Transmission Repairs on Trucks, Buses, Cranes and Excavators

After purchasing its first Rotajet cleaning  and degreasing machine almost by default, Ecodrive Transmissions, a ZF Drive Centre, now has three such machines, with another on order.

The company specialises in repairing truck, bus, crane and off-highway vehicle transmissions – fast, and the reliability of the Rotajet parts washing machines, in cleaning and degreasing failed units, six-days- a -week, 52-week’s –a- year, is crucial to this fast turnaround. In over six year’s of continuous operation with the original Rotajet spray washing machine, Ecodrive has not experienced a serious problem.

Ecodrive is one of only two companies in the UK that hold authorised ZF ‘DriveCentre’ status. The company has workshop facilities in Manchester and Glasgow, both offering in-house repair and remanufacture services for trucks and buses, and (typically) onsite repairs for larger vehicles such as cranes excavators, and wheeled plant. “In our business turnaround time is all important,” said, Graham Evans, Technical Director of EcoDrive. “The result of a large transmission – on a crane for example – being out of service for any length of time can be very damaging financially. The Rotajet degreasing machines are key to enabling us to achieve consistent turnaround on all types – and more importantly – all sizes of transmissions and axles. They are very robust and work continuously, all day, Monday to Saturday, with complete reliability.”

“At present, we have both D60-dw and D40-dw front loading spray wash machines, the largest giving us a basket size of 1200mm, which accommodates the majority of transmission and axle components. An added benefit is that the cleaning fluid is water-based, so we have no issues with storage, usage and disposal of solvents. We are presently developing systems for distilling dirt from the cleaning fluid, to reduce our consumption of water, and its cost; and we are reclaiming oil on the surface of the water and decanting it into a separate machine for recycling. Both of these procedures are designed to improve our environmental performance by reducing consumption and waste.”

The cleaning process for both types of Rotajet machines operated by Ecodrive is totally automatic, with fully programmable cycles, which can be changed according to the type of contamination being removed. Moreover the washing and degreasing process is carried out in a closed system, thus minimising health and safety issues. “The advantage of the D60-dw and D40-dw spray washing machines over other types is the flexibility that we have built into them,” said Colin Steward of Rotajet Systems.

“In addition to large transmissions and axles, the standard D60 washing and degreasing machine will wash large engines and other automotive components. Moreover, if a customer wants to clean a different size container, Rotajet will manufacture a new work basket to accommodate it.” About Rotajet Systems.



Rotajet Systems provides full turnkey packages across its range of top loading spray washers, front loading spray washers and ultrasonic cleaning machines. This includes design and manufacture of the machines themselves, water-based chemicals, guarding, transportation to site, installation and commissioning. The company also provides bespoke designs to customer specifications.

Rotajet machines are used by the UK military, the RAF, R.E.M.E. and the Navy, and now carry NATO stock numbers; they are supplied and supported worldwide.