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Rotajet Systems Limited Manufactures Large Ultrasonic Cleaning System to Glass Container Manufacturer.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently manufactured and installed a large Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaning System to a glass container manufacturer.

The system is used for descaling and decarbonising container moulds, neck rings and plungers. When manufacturing glass containers, graphite lubricants are used to lubricate the glass forming process. Over a period of time, the graphite builds up in the moulds and associated equipment, and they have to be removed for cleaning and overhaul.

Traditionally the equipment has been cleaned by either wet blasting using glass bead, or heated in ovens and then blasted using Zirconium beads. Both methods were very labour intensive and damaged the underlyining metal surface of the moulds, decreasing the overall life of the moulds and associated equipment.

Rotajet manufactures a range of Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment that replaces the blasting method. The moulds and associated equipment are loaded in work baskets and are then automatically transferred the Multistage Ultrasonic System. The Rotajet Ultrasonic Cleaning System consists of three stage ultrasonic washing and cleaning, two stage ultrasonic rinsing, and two stage hot air drying.

The washing stage features high intensity ultrasonic cleaning using a Rotajet developed Alkaline Decarboniser, which removes the graphite and scale layers. Typically for heavily contaminated equipment, Rotajet recommend a cycle time of 15 minutes. The rinsing stage features high volume liquid agitation that ensures all the graphite and cleaning chemical are removed. The rinse solution is pH monitored to ensure equipment is free of any alkaline residues. Drying takes place in a hot air drying chamber.


Rotajet manufacture a full range of industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems, including, bench top ultrasonic cleaners, large industrial ultrasonic tanks and multistage ultrasonic cleaning systems. For further information please contact us.