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Rotajet Manufactures and Supplied D80 Industrial Washing Machine to Gearbox Re-manufacturer.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently installed a Rotajet D80 Front Loading Spray Washing Machine into a gearbox reconditioning company based in the Wakefield.

The machine is used for washing truck gearboxes prior to remanufacture. The customer has a number of other Rotajet washing and degreasing machines onsite and due to expansion has installed another machine.

On arrival to the factory the gearboxes are first washed in the Rotajet D80 Front Loading Spray Washer to remove heavy road dirt / oil and grease. After initial washing the gearboxes are then stripped down into components parts, all of which are placed in a single basket and washed in a Rotajet D60 Front Loading Spray Washer. Once cleaned the component parts can be fully inspected and the good components reused and damaged ones replaced for new and the gearbox can be rebuilt and tested.

Rotajet D80 Front Loading Spray Washers series of machines are designed for heavy duty cleaning, and are used throughout industry. We have many machines working that are over 20 years old.