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Rotajet Manufactured Two Stage D60 Industrial Wash Machine for Degreasing and Washing Commercial Vehicles Gearboxes Prior to Remanufacture.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently installed another Two Stage D60 washer into a commercial gearbox reconditioning company.

The Rotajet D60 Front Loading Spray Washing machine has a 1260mm square basket and is fitted with a wash and rinse cycle. The machine will accommodate most commercial gearboxes and are typically used for the initial pre wash prior to stripping. Once stripped, the gearbox and components gears are then washed and rinsed again for inspection.

Typically, the Rotajet D60 Front Loading Spray Washing machine is fitted with a number of removable wheeled basket trolleys. This allows a several engineers to work from one machine. The Rotajet D60 Front Loading Spray Washing machine uses a heated aqueous based detergent for the removal of carbon deposits, road dirt, oils and greases for the ferrous and non ferrous components. Normally the machine is programmed with a 10 minute wash cycle time with 3 minute extraction time.



Rotajet manufacture a full range of degreasing machines including front loading spray washing machines, top loading spray washers, ultrasonic cleaners and immersion cleaning machines. If you have cleaning or degreasing requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.