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Rotajet Manufacture Twin stage Tunnel Washer for Degreasing and Washing Steel Tubes Prior to Laser Inspection.

Rotajet Systems Limited have recently installed a large Tunnel Washing machine into an automotive tube manufacturing company.

The machine is used for washing, degreasing and drying tubes of up to 3000mm both internally and externally, prior to laser inspection. The forming process of the tubes requires the use of heavy forming oil, which leaves residues both outside and inside the tubes, making the use of the laser inspection equipment very difficult. The Rotajet Tunnel Washing and Degreasing machine uses heated detergent and high pressure spray nozzles to clean and degrease the tubes.

The tubes are individualy located on a walking beam conveyor, ensuring that the tubes are located currently to allow internal jetting to take place.



Rotajet have supplied a large number of Tunnel Washing machines, Front Loading Spray Washing and Top Loading Spray Washing machines for a large variety of degreasing applications. If you have any specific cleaning or degreasing requirement please do not hesitate to contact us.