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Rotajet Manufacture and Install Dunker for Decarbonising and Degreasing Cylinder Heads.

Rotajet Systems Limited has recently installed a Rotajet DM5 Dunk Washer into a railway locomotive workshop for cleaning, paint stripping and carbon removal from cylinder heads of a large diesel engines.

The Rotajet DM5 dunk washer uses a heated solution to break down the paint, grease and carbon from both the internal and external surfaces of the heads. The Rotajet DM5 dunk washer is fitted with a pneumatic lifting basket. The operators load the basket in the up position. Once loaded, the operator lowers the components into the cleaning solution and closes the door, which starts the cycle. Once the cleaning cycle is started the basket agitates the components up and down. The agitation action of the solution flushes cleaning solution through all the internal galleries of the components, ensuring the components are completely clean.



Rotajet manufacture a range of machinery used for cleaning and degreasing in railway workshops, from small top loading spray washers used for cleaning and degreasing bearings and small components, to large tunnel washing machines used for cleaning railway bogie components, brake callipers, wheelsets etc…

If you have any specific cleaning or degreasing requirements, Rotajet manufacture a range of machinery including front loading spray washers, top loading spray washers, tunnel washers, Rotatory drum washing machines, immersion cleaning , degreasing systems and a full range of ultrasonic cleaning systems.