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Rotajet Machine Saves Labour Time and Solves Problem of Effective Cleaning of Large Electronic Motors for Brush Traction

Rotajet Systems has designed and supplied a bespoke machine to Brush Traction Limited, for the cleaning and degreasing of large electric motors internally contaminated with large quantities of carbon dust, and externally with grease and rail dirt.

The cleaning had previously been carried out using manual labour and high-pressure washers. However, this method was not only unreliable, but could also result in damage to the motor’s insulation. Brush Traction specialises in the design, manufacture and re-engineering of locomotives and propulsion systems. Associated with the railway industry since 1865, the company is highly experienced and equipped in refurbishment and re-engineering with expertise geared towards revitalising and improving older assets. As part of its remanufacturing activity, Brush Traction contacted Rotajet Systems with a request for a cleaning and degreasing machine, to wash and rinse large electric motors, which were contaminated both internally and externally.

The machine was required to improve a manual cleaning process that was inefficient and often caused damage to the motor windings. Rotajet’s reaction to this request was to set up a series of trials, using an existing Rotajet cleaning/degreasing machine to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of its cleaning process. Rotajet degreasing machines use water-based chemicals, overcoming the problem of using VOCs on-site. The washing process is highly efficient, employing an operating principle where cleaning solutions are pumped, at high pressure and flow, through multiple knife jets to achieve total coverage of the component.

The machines have fully programmable cycles, which can be changed according to the type of contamination being removed. Once programmed, the washing process is fully automatic, and is carried out in a closed system, thus minimising health and safety issues. The results of the trials for Brush Traction were excellent. The Rotajet degreasing machine removed all traces of internal carbon and external contamination. On the strength of this result, Rotajet submitted a design for a bespoke machine that would internally flush and externally clean and degrease all motors sizes – including the largest motor types, which are accommodated via powered loading system supplied as part of the Rotajet spray washing machine. The machine is now fully up and running and producing highly cleaned and consistent motors with minimum labour content.



Rotajet Systems provides full turnkey packages across its range of degreasing machinery, which includes, parts washers, top loading spray washers, front loading spray washers and ultrasonic cleaning systems. This includes design and manufacture of the machines themselves, water-based chemicals, guarding, transportation to site, installation and commissioning. The company also provides bespoke designs to customer specifications; this includes stainless steel pan washers for the food industry.