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Big Order for Vector Aerospace

Rotajet Systems has just completed an order worth over £150,000, to install and commission industrial cleaning machines for Vector Aerospace, which provides maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for aircraft operators all over the world, including the UK's armed forces.

  Rotajet Front Loading D80 spray washer

The order is for a series of water based degreasing machines that are a vital part of the process to clean aircraft components. These aqueous based washing machines ensure environmental compliance by overcoming the problem of using trichloroethylene on site and remove all old oil and greases, short term protection fluids and particle contamination. This is Rotajet's first order with Vector, which has just completed its acquisition of the Fleetlands Rotary Wing (including MRO for Chinook, Lynx and Sea King helicopters) and Almondbank Components businesses of the Ministry of Defences's Defence Aviation Repair Agency. Rotajet has had previous contracts to supply its aqueous based cleaning systems to the UK's armed forces as well aswith the Indian Air Force.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, these washing machines can also help to reduce costs by up to £20,000 for medium sized companies. Rotajet has over 30 years experience and is now recognised as a UK leader in the design, manufacture and supply of industrial washing machines and degreasing machinery. The machines supplied to Vector include a Rotajet D60 front loading spray washer (which is combined three stage wash, rinse and DI rinse and a drying oven and is differentiated from other machines by the flexibility that Rotajet systems has built into it) and a Rotajet D80 front loading spray washing machine (a two stage wash and rinse machine). Over the years, Rotajet has manufactured over 500 machines as well as 70 single stage degreasing machines to the Ministry of Defence with an approximate break of 50 to the RAF, 16 to the army and four to the Royal Navy. Three of its models (Rotajets D40, D60 and D80) carry NATO stock numbers. Colin Steward, a director of rotajet systems, said: “We are very excited about this order which marks another milestone for the company. We are proud of our ''green' credentials and our reputation to bring the benefits of water based cleaning solutions to the aerospace market.

“We have overcome the problems caused by using VOC (volatile organic compounds) such as harmful emissions, the handling and disposal of solvents as well as the fire hazards of solvents. “It is a tribute to the skill of our staff and our technical capability that we won this order from Vector and an honour for us to do business with such a prestigious company.” Andy Malcolm, head of business development, Vector Component Services Almondbank, said: “When looking at complying with the Solvent Emissions Directive for trichloroethylene we estimated that there would be significant abatement costs as well as significant fugitive emission compliance issues because of the size and complex shape of many of our parts. This drove us to the logical, and some would say bold, conclusion that we should move away from trichloroethylene for de-greasing. “We considered a number of prospective suppliers and finally opted for rotajet's proposal which met our specific requirement as well as the timeframe that we had agreed with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency for the total elimination of trichloroethylene from our premises. “The standard of communication with Rotajet's technical and production departments throughout the process was excellent and we are truly delighted with the result.”



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